At Helpful Hounds, our mission is driven by the increasing need for Assistance Dogs, particularly among young individuals and their families who stand to benefit immensely from their companionship and support.

We specialise in training Assistance Dogs for a variety of needs, including:

  • Young individuals with physical disabilities, autism, Down syndrome, PTSD, or other emotional challenges.
  • Tailoring our training to include alert functions for medical conditions or hearing impairments when necessary.
  • Special Needs Schools and Departments.
  • Adults facing similar challenges, whether seeking their first Assistance Dog or replacing an existing one.

Our experienced Training Team use force free, positive, and kind training methods in order create a strong bond for future partnerships, which, in turn, will be life changing for the young people and their families.

Our support encompasses three key areas:

  • Owner-Trained Assistance Dogs
  • Charity-Trained Assistance Dogs
  • School-Based Assistance Dogs

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the rigorous training regimen all our Helpful Hounds undergo. Each dog earns our Foundation Certificate and progresses through the Kennel Club’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold Good Citizen Certificates. Furthermore, we tailor specialised training to suit the unique needs of the individual, family, or school they will serve.

Choose Helpful Hounds for unparalleled support and expertly trained companions that make a tangible difference in the lives they touch.

How do Assistance Dogs help? 
Owner-Trained Assistance Dogs
Charity-Trained Assistance Dogs
School Based Assistance Dogs




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