Many people, that would benefit from a dog working with them, will have experienced the difficulty in obtaining a Trained Dog from any of the recognised Charities.

 There are waiting list of six years or even closed waiting lists which can be most frustrating. 

This is not the fault of any of the Charities, it simply reflects the growing number of ways that a properly bred and trained dog can add value to and change lives. As a society, we are now well beyond just thinking of dogs to support the physically disabled or the visibly impaired.

To help overcome this waiting time Helpful Hounds offers to work in partnership with an individual, family or School to train either an existing pet or to acquire a puppy. Our Trainers will help to choose a puppy in the same way that we might choose our own puppy.

This route can save time but there are extra commitments and benefits.

The commitment is one of time to work with our Trainers and to follow their advice and guidance.  There will also be continuing homework. 

The benefit is the bonding, at an early stage, with the Family Member which will not only provide companionship for many years to come but help to develop confidence, independence and mitigate disabilities of any age.

 We work closely with you as an individual, School or as a family to ensure you are fully supported throughout the entire journey.

Where we are dealing with an existing pet, then we will need to conduct an Initial Assessment to check that the temperament is correct, in addition to reviewing the family environment.