Helpful Hounds is always looking for volunteers. As a small, but growing charity we are on the lookout for likeminded individuals with a passion for our work.

It maybe you love dogs or understand the families we help or just want to put something back into the community. You will find that Volunteering can be great fun, very social and you know that you are helping to change lives.

There are a number of ways you or your local community group could volunteer your time and skills to help us.  We do not have all the answers and are open to suggestions.  Here are a few ideas:

Organising an Event, (When circumstances allow this safely):

You with some friends or a local community group could help raise funds and awareness for Helpful Hounds by organising your own event!

This could include things like a bake sale, an information day at your community centre, a garden party and organising a talk for us to come and speak to you – Naturally, a Helpful Hound or maybe two will be there too!

If you are more adventurous, a Dinner Dance or Helpful hounds Half Marathon would be great ideas.

You would have our support throughout the entire process, and we would advertise the event on our social media and website. Ideas welcome!

Volunteering at an Event: Virtual or Real Time!

Helpful Hounds runs a number of events throughout the year in normal times.

These could include:

  • Collections – Fundraising at shopping centres/shops across Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey and Wiltshire.
  • Dinner Dance.
  • Pub Quizzes.
  • Sponsored Dog Walks.
  • Half Marathon

All of these events will need the help of volunteers in order to keep them running smoothly – whilst having some fun along the way!

However, during the Covid Period and beyond there are, and will be, many opportunities for “Virtual Events” that could raise valuable funds.  Please contact us with any ideas that you feel would add value and in which you could participate.

Volunteering your Skills:

Helpful Hounds is always on the lookout for skilled volunteers who are ready, willing and able to help with the day to day running of the charity.  These are all vital activities and you will not be alone as everyone, except our Dog Trainers, are Volunteers.  That includes the CEO. We really need Volunteers, to help us grow, in areas such as:

  • Admin Work
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Fund Raising
  • Puppy Parent (Must have previous dog ownership experience and be in Dorset)

Whatever time  or expertise you are able to give will be greatly appreciated.