Working with Trusts and Foundations

At Helpful Hounds, we believe in the transformative power of partnerships with trusts and foundations. 

These relationships are pivotal in enabling us to continue our mission of enhancing the quality of life for individuals as well as adding value in Schools and Colleges through the assistance of expertly trained Assistance dogs.

Trusts and foundations play a crucial role in funding the diverse range of programs and services we offer, ensuring that we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we support.

Our approach to partnerships with trusts

Our approach to working with trusts and foundations is built on a foundation of transparency, collaboration, and shared goals. We understand that every trust and foundation has unique priorities and objectives, and we strive to align our projects with your philanthropic mission. 

Here’s how we would work with you to ensure a successful relationship:


— Understanding Priorities

We take the time to understand the specific aims and focus areas of each trust and foundation. Whether it’s supporting mental health, physical disabilities, or enhancing community engagement, we tailor our proposals to reflect these priorities.


— Tailored Proposals

Our dedicated team creates detailed and compelling proposals that outline the impact and outcomes of our projects. We provide clear budgets, timelines, and measurable goals to demonstrate how the funding will be used to best achieve those outcomes.


— Regular Updates

Communication is key to maintaining a strong partnership. We appreciate that not all Trusts welcome ongoing communication or publicity but where this is appropriate, we will provide regular updates on the progress of funded projects, including detailed reports and, importantly, personal stories that highlight the difference made by the support of your Trust or Foundation. We will also recognise your Trust, (where or if appropriate) on our website and Social Media.


— Measuring Impact

We are committed to transparency and accountability. However, it is important to understand that, except with Schools, we are working one to one with vulnerable children, supported by their families. Therefore, statistical measurement is not always practical but we do measure the progress of individuals via observation, feedback from the family, as well as measurement of progress noted in our Trainers reviews: all of which allows us to track and evaluate the success of our programs. We share these insights and stories with our partners, showcasing the tangible benefits and positive changes resulting from your contribution.

Areas of Impact

Trusts and foundations support a wide range of initiatives at Helpful Hounds, including:

  • Training Programs: Funding helps us provide comprehensive training for our Assistance Dogs, ensuring they are equipped with the skills needed to support individuals and Schools/Colleges with a variety of needs. This can include the funding or part funding of individual trainers.

  • Client Support: Contributions enable us to offer ongoing support to our clients, including follow-up visits, additional training sessions, and access to resources.

  • Updating of Skills: Our Trainers are not just Dog Trainers. They have to have experience with SEND as well. It is important for everyone to maintain their Professional Development in all aspects of these subjects as well as Human First Aid, Dog First Aid, Mental First Aid as well as Safeguarding of Children.

  • Research and Development: We invest in research to continually improve our training methods and expand the capabilities of our service dogs, enhancing their effectiveness and versatility.

  • Community Outreach: Funding allows us to engage with communities, raising awareness about the benefits of service dogs and providing educational programs relating to the services we offer, to schools, workplaces, and organisations.

Thank you to all the Trusts and Foundations that are supporting us

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Partner with Us

By partnering with Helpful Hounds, trusts and foundations can be confident that their support is making a substantial and lasting impact. Our collaborative approach ensures that each partnership is mutually beneficial and aligned with shared goals. We invite trusts and foundations to join us in our mission to empower individuals and enrich lives through the incredible bond between humans and service dogs.

For more information on how to partner with us, or to discuss potential projects and funding opportunities, please contact us.